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Thomas Gent (1693-1778)
Thomas Gent (Томас Гент)

The Rating of Thomas Gent's Poems

  1. Morning
  2. Shakespeare
  3. To Hope
  4. Rosa's Grave
  5. Address to Albion
  6. On the Death of Charlotte Smith
  7. Come, Jenny, Let Me Sip the Dew
  8. Written on the Death of General Washington
  9. To My Spaniel Fanny
  10. Written on Seeing the Children of the Naval Asylum
  11. Love
  12. A Sketch from Life
  13. Mature Reflections
  14. Stanzas
  15. Sonnet On seeing a Young Lady I had previously known, confined in a Madhouse
  16. Written to the Lady of Dr. George Birkbeck
  17. The Grave of Dibdin
  18. The Heliotrope
  19. The Recall of the Hero
  20. The Sibyl
  21. Impromptu
  22. Written in the Album of the Lady of Counsellor D. Pollock
  23. Widowed Love
  24. On the Portrait of the Son of J.G. Lambton, Esq
  25. Invocation to Sleep
  26. Prometheus
  27. The Chain-Pier, Brighton
  28. On a Delightful Drawing in my Album

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