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Poem by Thomas Gent

Sonnet On seeing a Young Lady I had previously known, confined in a Madhouse

Sweet wreck of loveliness! alas, how soon
  The sad brief summer of thy joys hath fled:
How sorrows Friendship for thy hapless doom,
  Thy beauty faded, and thy hopes all dead.
Oh! 'twas that beauty's power which first destroy'd
  Thy mind's serenity; its charms but led
The faithless friend, that thy pure love enjoy'd,
  To tear the beauteous blossom from its bed.
How reason shudders at thy frenzied air!
  To see thee smile, with fancy's dreams possess'd;
Or shrink, the frozen image of despair.
  Or, love-enraptured, chant thy griefs to rest:
Oh! cease that mournful voice, affliction's child,
  My heart but bleeds to hear thy musings wild.

Thomas Gent

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