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Robert Seymour Bridges (1844-1930)
Robert Seymour Bridges (Роберт Сеймур Бриджес)

The Rating of Robert Seymour Bridges's Poems

  1. Winter Nightfall
  2. Absence
  3. Nightingales
  4. Awake, My Heart
  5. Spirits
  6. North Wind In October
  7. So Sweet Love Seemed That April Morn
  8. My Delight And Thy Delight
  9. For Beauty Being The Best Of All We Know
  10. I Love All Beauteous Things
  11. While Yet We Wait For Spring
  12. The Evening Darkens Over
  13. The Hill Pines Were Sighing
  14. Eros
  15. In Autumn Moonlight, When The White Air Wan
  16. Emily Bronte
  17. Low Barometer
  18. Pater Filio
  19. To Joseph Joachim
  20. To Catullus

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