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Poem by Robert Burns

On the Seas and Far Away

How can my poor heart be glad,
When absent from my Sailor lad?
How can I the thought forego,
Hes on the seas to meet the foe?
Let me wander, let me rove,
Still my heart is with my love;
Nightly dreams and thoughts by day
Are with him thats far away.

  On the seas and far away,
  On stormy seas and far away;
  Nightly dreams and thoughts by day
  Are aye with him thats far away.

When in summers noon I faint,
As weary flocks around me pant,
Haply in this scorching sun
My Sailors thundring at his gun:
Bullets, spare my only joy!
Bullets, spare my darling boy!
Fate, do with me what you may,
Spare but him thats far away!

At the starless midnight hour,
When winter rules with boundless power;
As the storms the forest tear,
And thunders rend the howling air,
Listening to the doubling roar,
Surging on the rocky shore,
All I can-I weep and pray,
For his weal thats far away.

Peace, thy olive wand extend,
And bid wild War his ravage end,
Man with brother man to meet,
And as a brother kindly greet:
Then may heaven with prosprous gales
Fill my Sailors welcome sails,
To my arms their charge convey,
My dear lad thats far away.

Robert Burns

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