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Poem by James Russell Lowell

The Lost Child


  I wandered down the sunny glade
    And ever mused, my love, of thee;
  My thoughts, like little children, played,
    As gayly and as guilelessly.


  If any chanced to go astray,
    Moaning in fear of coming harms,
  Hope brought the wanderer back alway,
    Safe nestled in her snowy arms.


  From that soft nest the happy one
    Looked up at me and calmly smiled;
  Its hair shone golden in the sun,
    And made it seem a heavenly child.


  Dear Hope's blue eyes smiled mildly down,
    And blest it with a love so deep,
  That, like a nursling of her own,
    It clasped her neck and fell asleep.

James Russell Lowell

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