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Poem by James Russell Lowell



    I cannot say a scene is fair
  Because it is beloved of thee,
  But I shall love to linger there,
  For sake of thy dear memory;
  I would not be so coldly just
  As to love only what I must.


    I cannot say a thought is good
  Because thou foundest joy in it;
  Each soul must choose its proper food
  Which Nature hath decreed most fit;
  But I shall ever deem it so
  Because it made thy heart o'erflow.


    I love thee for that thou art fair;
  And that thy spirit joys in aught
  Createth a new beauty there,
  With thine own dearest image fraught;
  And love, for others' sake that springs,
  Gives half their charm to lovely things.

James Russell Lowell

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