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Poem by Carolina Oliphant, Lady Nairne

The Convict's Farewell

Oh, this is my departing night,
Fareweel, fareweel, to ane an' a',
Alas! before the mornin's light,
Far maun I be frae ye a'.
Far frae hame a banish'd man,
To lads my kindred never saw;
My fireside dear, may peace be here,
When I am gane and far awa'!

The nights and days that come to me,
O wae they'll be and heartless a';
I've seen what I nae mair maun see,
O' peace and joy amang ye a'.
But I ken weel, had I been leal,
An' held my country's honour'd law,
I need nae now been leaving you,
For foreign lands and far awa'.

The weary tipplin' trade, I trow,
Has brought me to this lost estate;
What in the morn wad been my scorn,
Wi' the bree o'ercome, I did at late.
Now gudewife true, fareweel to you,
An' fareweel, bonnie bairnies a';
My broken heart frae ye maun part,
For lonely lands and far awa'.

It's a delusion, night and day,
That tempts us to transgress the law;
And own we must the sentence just,
That sends the offender far awa'.
But oh! the heavy hour is come;
My last look I ha'e o' ye ta'en;
When I'm away, oh for me pray,
An' mind this nicht, when I am gane.

Carolina Oliphant, Lady Nairne

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