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Poem by George Pope Morris

The Day Is Now Dawning


The day is now dawning, love,
 Fled is the night
I go like the morning, love,
 Cheerful and bright.
Then adieu, dearest Ellen:
 When evening is near,
I'll visit thy dwelling,
 For true love is here.


Oh, come where the fountain, love,
 Tranquilly flows;
Beneath the green mountain, love,
 Seek for repose;
There the days of our childhood,
 In love's golden beam,
'Mong the blue-bells and wildwood,
 Passed on like a dream.


Oh, linger awhile, love!


I must away.


Oh, grant me thy smile, love,
 'Tis Hope's cheering ray
With evening expect me.


To the moment be true,
 And may angels protect thee


Sweet Ellen, adieu!
Dear William, adieu!

George Pope Morris

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