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Poem by George Pope Morris

The Ball-Room Belle

  (Music by horn)

The moon and all her starry train
  Were fading from the morning sky,
When home the ball-room belle again
Returned, with throbbing pulse and brain,
  Flushed cheek and tearful eye.

The plume that danced above her brow,
  The gem that sparkled in her zone,
The scarf of spangled leaf and bough,
Were laid asidethey mocked her now,
  When desolate and lone.

That night how many hearts she won!
  The reigning belle, she could not stir,
But, like the planets round the sun,
Her suitors followedall but one
  One all the world to her!

And she had lost him!Marvel not
  That lady's eyes with tears were wet!
Though love by man is soon forgot,
It never yet was woman's lot
  To love and to forget.

George Pope Morris

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