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Poem by George Pope Morris


Pull away merrily--over the waters!
  Bend to your oars for the wood-tangled shore;
We're off and afloat with earth's loveliest daughters,
  Worth all the argosies wave ever bore.
Pull away gallantly--pull away valiantly--
  Pull with a swoop, boys; and pull for the shore:
      Merrily, merrily, bend to the oar!

Pull away cheerily!--land is before us--
  Green groves are flinging their balm to the spray;
The sky, like the spirit of love, bending o'er us,
  Lights her bright torches to show us the way.
Pull away charily--pull away warily--
  Pull with a nerve, boys; together give way:
      Merrily, merrily, pull to the lay!

Pull away heartily--light winds are blowing,
  Crisping the ripples that dance at our side;
The moon bathes in silver the path we are going,
  And night is arrayed in her robes like a bride.
Pull away readily--pull away steadily--
  Pull with a will, boys, and sing as we glide
      Merrily, merrily, over the tide!

George Pope Morris

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