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Poem by Lloyd Mifflin

Theseus and Ariadne

   Thes.  Nay, I have loved thee!
   Ari.        Thou hast loved, didst say?
   Thes.  I loved thee well at Crete.
   Ari.        Lovst me no more?
   Thes.  Ah! who can hold the wave upon the shore?
   Ari.  Thou, if thou wouldst; and, oh! is that the way
Thou speakst to me, who gave thee, on that day,
My flower of life?
   Thes.        My ship is readysail and oar!
   Ari.  Did I not save thee from the Minotaur,
And wilt thou leave me?
   Thes.        Who can make love stay? 
Wax is my heart and takes full easily
The last print on t. Past love is past recall.
Adieu! Love has the helmhe guides, not we 
   Ari.  Beloved Traitor! May thy black sail pall
Deep in the brine, thee, and thy maidens all!
Ye gods! he leaves me and my babe to be!

Lloyd Mifflin

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