Lloyd Mifflin

Theseus and Ariadne

   Thes.  Nay, I have loved thee!
   Ari.        Thou hast loved, didst say?
   Thes.  I loved thee well at Crete.
   Ari.        Lov’st me no more?
   Thes.  Ah! who can hold the wave upon the shore?
   Ari.  Thou, if thou wouldst; and, oh! is that the way
Thou speak’st to me, who gave thee, on that day,
My flower of life?
   Thes.        My ship is ready—sail and oar!…
   Ari.  Did I not save thee from the Minotaur,—
And wilt thou leave me?
   Thes.        Who can make love stay? …
Wax is my heart and takes full easily
The last print on ’t. Past love is past recall.
Adieu!… Love has the helm—he guides, not we …
   Ari.  Beloved Traitor! May thy black sail pall
Deep in the brine, thee, and thy maidens all!…
Ye gods! he leaves me and my babe to be!

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