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Poem by Lloyd Mifflin

He Made the Stars Also

  Vast hollow voids, beyond the utmost reach
    Of suns, their legions withering at His nod,
    Died into day hearing the voice of God;
  And seas new made, immense and furious, each
  Plunged and rolled forward, feeling for a beach;
    He walked the waters with effulgence shod.
    This being made, He yearned for worlds to make
  From other chaos out beyond our night--
  For to create is still God's prime delight.
    The large moon, all alone, sailed her dark lake,
    And the first tides were moving to her might;
  Then Darkness trembled, and began to quake
    Big with the birth of stars, and when He spake
    A million worlds leapt into radiant light!

Lloyd Mifflin

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