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Poem by James Maxwell

7. To L-----------s Subscribers

If for a prize youve got a blank,
You well may know whom you should thank.

Your favrite B you took to be
A dextrous judge of poetry.

His Mk Poet he befriended,
And much his genius he commended.

You thought what he could recommend,
Would sure be most sublimely pennd.

L you took upon his word,
In hopes he would good sense afford.

Now you have got him, you may know
Whether he yields good sense or no.

If youre a strumpet or a rake,
You sure have found a sad mistake.

If youre a saint you find the same,
And well may know whom you should blame.

If merry, you find nothing there,
To make you either laugh or stare.

If serious you can nothing find,
To satisfy your thinking mind.

Well, since you all have lost your aim,
Ill tell you what to do with them:

When balmy sleep forsakes your eyes,
And like coy virgin from you flies;

Read then L but for an hour,
Sleep will resume its drowsy powr.

Twill save a dose of Laudanum,
And make you slumber deaf and dumb.

But if you need them not for sleep,
Yet lay them by and and safely keep.

Until you needs must physic take,
Then you good use of them may make 

Or if you need them not to wipe,
Theyll handy be to light your pipe.

And if you should begrudge the cost,
Be thankful all is not quite lost:

And thankful be to R B,
For serving you such friendly turns:

For had L neer seen that sight,
His nonsense neer had come to light.

And had not B the same commended,
No purchasers had eer intended.

So now for all your fun and sport,
To B you may be thankful fort.

James Maxwell

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