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Poem by James Maxwell

6. On L-----------------s Poems. Another A-----sh-----e Bard

ASHE is sure become a fruitful field,
It doth such store of noble Poets yield.

Lo, heres another started up of late,
That on Parnassus sure hath had his feat:

He seems with Poetry so deeply fraught,
He sure hath been by great Apollo taught.

If of Castalias Well large draughts hes taen,
He sure hath lost it ere ho came again.

His budget sure from off his back hath gone,
For grammar, rhime, or reason he hath none.

His brother B__ does him by far excel,
And is a bolder advocate for hell.

A double dialect they both have usd,
Which by them both is wretchedly abusd.

B__ he set up an advocate for hell,
And to get money hath succeeded well.

L_____ seems not to steer for either port,
For heaven or hell; but of them both falls short:

But sure at one of these hell land at last,
Unless in purgatory he stick fast.

His vessel seems so poorly fitted out,
How she will fail is almost past a doubt.

If she comes loaded home with mighty store,
As did his brother B__ , that saild before,
Twill be a wonder! Yea, it will be more____

The former won upon mankind for once,
The latter stands a wretched, nasty chance.

For B hath sourd the taste of all mankind,
None else may hope eer such success to find.

Tho he succeeded more than eer was known,
The next may beat the bush, the birds are flown,

Tho he got thousands with a free consent,
Yet nothing did they ever more repent.

For some devoted theirs unto the flame;
Bumfodder also others made of them.

Some turnd to dung, and others they were burnd,
And so to dirt and ashes all were turnd.

Twas not by merit he obtaind his prize,
But by a false report of flattring lies.

Let none write poetry but poets born,
Or sure they must expose themselves to scorn.

Let all mind what Dean Swift had once to say,
Who was a real Poet in his day.

		 Tho this our barren clime scarce bears
		A sprig of bays in fifty years;

		Yet evry fool his claim alledges,
		As if they grew in common hedges.

James Maxwell

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