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Poem by James Maxwell

3. 1st Answer to the Foregoing. By------ HAMILTON

Thus wretches rail, whom sordid gain
Has draggd in factions gilded chain.
But can a mind which fame inspires,
Where genius lights her brightest fires -----
Can  , disdaining truth and law,
Factions envenomd dagger draw? 
And skulking with a villains aim,
Thus basely stab his Monarchs fame? 
Yes    ; tis oer; thy race is run; 
And shades receive thy setting sun. 
With pain thy wayward fate I see, 
And mourn the lot thats doomd to thee. 
These few rash lines shall damn thy name, 
And blast thy hopes of future fame.

*See "On Stirling" (Robert Burns)

James Maxwell

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