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Poem by John Lapraik


THOU joyful, pleasant Season, hail!
	Welcome thy shining ray!
My heart feels transport and delight
	Throughout the lengthend day!

To wintry storms and surly blasts	
	Which Natures works do kill,
And all their ghastly tribe of woes,
	I bid a glad farewell.

Transported now I turn my eyes,
	To shining fruitful fields;
To dewy lawns, and all the sweets
	That charming summer yields.

To leafy groves and shady bowrs
	My fancy does me lead;
To orchards, banks, and purling streams,
	Which make my heart right glad.

With rich profusion Nature reigns,
	All artlessly arrayd
With flowry verdure fields are deckd
	Without Mans help or aid.

Now Phoebus in his empire shines,
	Takes his stupendous height,
Gives vital powr to all below,
	Moves insects to take flight.

By his warm beams are wakd to life
	Ten thousand tribes of flies;
Some haunt the woods and some the groves,
	Which all their want supplies.

The bees, the wisest of that train,
	Frequent the meads and moors,
And suck, on evry hill and dale,
	Sweet honey from all flowrs.

What Nature, kind and genrous gives
	More than they can devour,
With frugal care they carry home,
	And lay it up in store.

Attend vain thoughtless, careless Man!
	Take Solomans advice,
Go to the Ant or Bee and learn
	What solid wisdom is!

From these a pattern take, and learn
	To husband well your time,
That, when old age comes, you may have
	No cause for to repine.

How goodly is the prospect now!
	How gay the fields appear!
Fond hopes of plenty thrill each heart,
	And banish evry tear.

Each tree is laden with its fruit,
	The meads luxuriant grow;
The waving corn nods on the plain,
	A goodly, glorious show.

Prevent Great God of Nature! Oh!
	Destructive storms prevent!
In mercy to perfection bring
	The fruits which thou hast sent!

Chain up the tempests horrid rage,
	And bid it cease to blow;
But, above all, defend from frosts,
	That waste whereer they go!

That so the heart of evry one
	With gratitude may glow,
And praise thee, with enrapturd souls,
	For gifts thou dost bestow.

John Lapraik

Poem Theme: Summer

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