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Poem by John Lapraik

When I Upon Thy Bosom Lean


When I upon thy bosom lean,
     Enrapturd, I do call thee mine;
I glory in those sacrd ties,
     That made us one, who once were twain.


A mutal flame inspires us both;
     The tender look, the melting kiss,
Evn years shall neer destroy our love;
     Some sweet sensation new will rise.


Have I a wish? tis all for thee;
     I know thy wish is me to please;
Our moments pass so smooth away,
     That numbers on us look and gaze.

Well pleasd to see our happy days,
     They bid us live and still love on;
And if some cares shall chance to rise,
     Thy bosom still shall be my home.

Ill lull me there and take my rest;
     And if that thought disturb my fair,
Ill bid her laugh her cares all out,
     And beg her not to drop a tear.


Have I a joy? tis all her own;
     Her heart and mine are all the same;
Theyre like the woodbine round the tree,
     Thats twind till Death shall us disjoin.

John Lapraik

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