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Poem by John Lapraik

An Empty Pocket Easily Known


Man wi his pocket so conceited,
He sympathises and s affected;
If emptiness is but suspected,
		Tis plainly seen,
He looks like one whos much neglected,
		Whens pockets toom;


His spirits often rise and fall;
Theyre subject just to pockets call:
His neighbours know, as wells himsel,
		His current cash:
Tis known by s being flat or dull,
		Or spirits flush.


When that his pockets are quite draind,
Hes flat, hes dull, and much ashamd;
His vital powrs appear all maimd,
		Baith word an action:
He looks like one thats self condemnd,
		Void o protection.


The very muscles o his face
Are lines that one may read apace;
So that ones at no loss to guess
		His present state,
Whether his pockets full o cash,
		Or empty yet.

John Lapraik

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