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Чарльз Маккей (Charles Mackay) (1814-1889)
Чарльз Маккей (Charles Mackay)

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  1. Winter
  2. You Have No Enemies
  3. Spring Song
  4. War Song
  5. A Deed And A Word
  6. Evening
  7. Mirth
  8. I Have Lived And I Have Loved
  9. An Appeal To Paris
  10. Aurora
  11. Constancy
  12. Little and Great
  13. The Northern Star
  14. To Romance
  15. Under The Holly Bough
  16. Vintagers' Song To The Sun
  17. Reproach
  18. Wooing
  19. Resignation
  20. An Invocation To Poesy
  21. If I Were A Voice
  22. The Miller Of Dee
  23. The Beech Tree
  24. And God Said, Let There Be Light!
  25. Song To The Harvest Moon
  26. German Drinking Song
  27. The Song Of An Emigrant
  28. To An Eagle
  29. He Carved His Name Upon The Tree
  30. The Hunters
  31. Eternal Justice
  32. Repentance
  33. Song to the Evening Star
  34. The Pilgrims Dog
  35. Saul And David
  36. The Maiden Of Rhine
  37. Let Us Alone
  38. Light Is Love Without Esteem
  39. The Days Of Yore
  40. Coronach, Or Death-Wai
  41. Hymn For The Dead
  42. The Alder Tree
  43. Lorenzo Pines In Dungeon Gloom
  44. To The Winds
  45. The Dove of Noah
  46. Cleon and I
  47. Chorus Of Guardian Spirits
  48. Song To The Germans
  49. The Little Moles
  50. Our Saviours Lamentation Over Jerusalem
  51. The Greenwood Tree

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