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Charles Mackay (Чарльз Маккей)

Song to the Evening Star

Star! that sendest the bird
To her dew-besprinkled nest,
That sendest the hind to his cottage fire,
And givest the weary rest!
Star! O gentle star!
Beacon of dreams and sleep!
I lie me down
On the cold heath brown,
To gaze on thy light and weep!

I weep, O quiet star,
With a grief that shall not depart,
For thou wakest the thoughts of times gone by,
And bringest them to my heart:
When thy light was the signal ray,
To guide my weary feet
To the lowly dome
Of my cottage home,
And the side of my partner sweet.

Yes! lovely star of eve!
Thou bringest to all things rest;
Thou sendest the bee to its sheltering hive,
The bird to its warm-built nest:
But thou bringest to me, O star!
Thoughts that are sad and deep,
So I lie me down
On the cold heath brown.
To gaze on thy light and weep! 

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