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Джон Ньютон (John Newton) (1725-1807)
Джон Ньютон (John Newton)

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  1. Amazing Grace
  2. Bitter and Sweet
  3. Cain and Abel
  4. The World
  5. Saturday Evening
  6. Woman of Canaan
  7. A Sick Soul
  8. At the Close of the Year
  9. Waiting for Spring
  10. A Brand Plucked out of the Fire
  11. What Think Ye of Christ?
  12. On Dreaming
  13. Harvest
  14. True and False Zeal
  15. Peter Released from Prison
  16. The Good Samaritan
  17. Martha and Mary
  18. Though Troubles Assail
  19. Laodicea
  20. A Friend That Sticketh Closer Than a Brother
  21. Peter Walking upon the Water
  22. Weeping Mary
  23. Looking unto Jesus
  24. The Little Book
  25. Balaam's Wish
  26. Adam
  27. The Change
  28. He Led Them by a Right Way
  29. Vanity of the Creature Sanctified
  30. Lovest Thou Me?
  31. Queen of Sheba
  32. Esau
  33. Sampson's Lion
  34. The Two Debtors
  35. Jacob's Ladder
  36. Prayer Answered by Crosses
  37. Dagon before the Ark
  38. When Jesus Claims the Sinner’s Heart
  39. The Book of Creation
  40. Joseph Made Known to His Brethren
  41. Elijah Fed by Ravens
  42. Ephesus
  43. Paul's Voyage
  44. Now May He Who from the Dead
  45. What Shall I Render
  46. Oh That I Were As In Months Past!
  47. The Pool of Bethesda
  48. Lot in Sodom
  49. The Great Tribunal
  50. Naaman
  51. Zion, or the City of God
  52. My Name Is Jacob
  53. Ebenezer
  54. Look unto Me, and Be Ye Saved
  55. Dwelling in Mesech
  56. Praise for the Incarnation
  57. The Beggar
  58. Manna to Israel Well Supplied
  59. The Day of Judgement
  60. The Hiding Place
  61. In Evil Long I Took Delight
  62. Father Forgive Them
  63. Quiet, Lord, My Froward Heart
  64. Earthly Prospects Deceitful
  65. The Two Malefactors
  66. On One Stone Shall Be Seven Eyes
  67. Time How Short
  68. How Lost Was My Condition
  69. The Disciples at Sea
  70. Salvation Drawing Nearer
  71. The Believer's Danger, Safety, and Duty
  72. They Shall Be Mine, Saith the Lord
  73. When Hannah Pressed with Grief
  74. Belshazzar
  75. But One Loaf
  76. Humbled and Silenced by Mercy
  77. That Rock Was Christ
  78. Manna Hoarded
  79. Gideon's Fleece
  80. Will Ye Also Go Away?
  81. More With Us Than with Them
  82. Pleading for Mercy
  83. Hay-time
  84. Joy and Peace in Believing
  85. David's Fall

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