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John Newton (Джон Ньютон)

The Believer's Danger, Safety, and Duty

“Simon, beware!” the Saviour said,
“Satan, your subtle foe,
Already has his measures laid
Your soul to overthrow.

“He wants to sift you all as wheat,
And thinks his victory sure;
But I his malice will defeat,
My prayer shall faith secure.”

Believers, tremble and rejoice,
Your help and danger view;
This warning has to you a voice,
This promise speaks to you.

Satan beholds with jealous eye,
Your privilege and joy;
He's always watchful, always nigh,
To tear and to destroy.

But Jesus lives to intercede,
That faith may still prevail;
He will support in time of need,
And Satan's arts shall fail.

Yet let us not the warning slight,
But watchful still be found;
Though faith cannot be slain in fight,
It may receive a wound.

While Satan watches, dare we sleep?
We must our guard maintain;
But, Lord, do thou the city keep,
Or else we watch in vain.

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