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Уильям Каллен Брайант (William Cullen Bryant) (1794-1878)
William Cullen Bryant (Уильям Каллен Брайант)

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  1. ПрерииThe Prairies
  2. К перелетной птицеTo a Waterfowl
  3. ТанатопсисThanatopsis
  4. A Forest Hymn
  5. March
  6. I Broke the Spell That Held Me Long
  7. The Evening Wind
  8. October
  9. A Winter Piece
  10. November
  11. A Northern Legend
  12. The Death of the Flowers
  13. Inscription for the Entrance to a Wood
  14. Mutation
  15. The Ages
  16. The Rivulet
  17. The Gladness of Nature
  18. After a Tempest
  19. The Skies
  20. June
  21. Song (Soon as the glazed and gleaming snow)
  22. Green River
  23. The Indian Girl's Lament
  24. The Constellations
  25. The Yellow Violet
  26. Hymn of the Waldenses
  27. Spring in Town
  28. Love and Folly
  29. Hymn to Death
  30. To the Fringed Gentian
  31. The Massacre at Scio
  32. The Damsel of Peru
  33. A Song of Pitcairn’s Island
  34. “Blessed Are They That Mourn”
  35. The Strange Lady
  36. To a Cloud
  37. An Indian Story
  38. The Living Lost
  39. I Cannot Forget with What Fervid Devotion
  40. The Disinterred Warrior
  41. Upon the Mountain's Distant Head
  42. The West Wind
  43. To a Musquito
  44. Lines on Revisiting the Country
  45. The Two Graves
  46. Hymn of the City
  47. The Death of Lincoln
  48. Consumption
  49. Summer Wind
  50. Romero

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