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Джеральд Масси (Gerald Massey) (1828-1907)
Gerald Massey (Джеральд Масси)

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  1. The Vision
  2. The Two Heavens
  3. Our Land
  4. Peace
  5. The Men of Forty-Eight
  6. Kisses
  7. A Cry of the Peoples
  8. The Worker
  9. Deserted
  10. Bridal Song
  11. A Lyric of Love
  12. Our Symbol
  13. All's Right with the World
  14. The People's Advent
  15. Love in Idleness
  16. Hope on, Hope Ever!
  17. The Unbeloved
  18. The Cry of the Unemployed
  19. This World is Full of Beauty
  20. The Awakening of the People
  21. Sweet Spirit of my Love
  22. A Maiden's Song
  23. The Chivalry of Labour
  24. A Night-Musing
  25. The Singer
  26. Wooed and Won
  27. No Jewelled Beauty Is My Love
  28. The Three Voices
  29. We Know There's Something Wrong
  30. A Chaunt
  31. Love Me
  32. Down in Australia
  33. A Winter's Tale For The Little Ones
  34. The Bridal
  35. Long Expected
  36. Husband and Wife
  37. Eden
  38. To My Wife
  39. The Patriot to his Bride
  40. England Goes to Battle
  41. I Was Not Made Merely For Money-Making
  42. There's No Dearth Of Kindness
  43. It will End in the Right
  44. To a Beloved One
  45. The Deserter from the Cause

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