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Gerald Massey (Джеральд Масси)

The Awakening of the People

O SWEET is the fair face of Nature, when Spring
    With living flower-rainbow in glory hath spann'd
Hill and dale; and the music of birds on the wing
    Makes earth seem a beautiful faery land!
And dear is our first-love's young spirit-wed bride,
    With her meek eyes just sheathing in tender eclipse,
When the sound of our voice calls her heart's ruddy tide,
    Uprushing in beauty to melt on her lips.
But Earth has no sight half so glorious to see,
As a People up-girding its might to be free.

To see men awake from the slumber of ages,
    With brows grim from labour, and hands hard and tan,
Start up living heroes, the dreamt-of by Sages!
    And smite with strong arm the oppressors of man:
To see them come dauntless forth 'mid the world's warring,
    Slaves of the midnight-mine! serfs of the sod!
Show how the Eternal within them is stirring,
    And never more bend to a crowned clod:
Dear God! 'tis a sight for Immortals to see,—
A People up-girding its might to be free.

Battle on bravely, O sons of humanity!
    Dash down the cup from your lips, O ye Toilers!
Too long hath the world bled for Tyrants' insanity—
    Too long our weakness been strength to our spoilers.
For Freedom and Right, gallant hearts, wrestle ever,
    And speak ye to others the proud word that won ye:
Your rights conquer'd once, shall be wrung from you
    O battle on bravely; the world's eyes are on ye;
And Earth hath no sight half so glorious to see,
As a People up-girding its might to be free!

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