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Gerald Massey (Джеральд Масси)

The Chivalry of Labour

UPROUSE ye now, brave brother-band,
With honest heart, and working hand
We are but few, toil-tried, and true,
Yet hearts beat high to dare and do;
And who would not a champion be
In Labour's-lordlier Chivalry?

We fight! but bear no bloody brand,
We fight to free our Fatherland:
We fight that smiles of love may glow
On lips where curses quiver now!
Hurrah! hurrah! true Knights are we
In Labour's lordlier Chivalry.

O! there be hearts that ache to see
The day-dawn of our victory;
Eyes full of heart-break with us plead,
And Watchers weep and Martyrs bleed:
O! who would not a Champion be
In Labour's lordlier Chivalry?

Work, Brothers mine; work, hand and brain;
We'll win the Golden Age again:
And Love's Millennial morn shall rise
In happy hearts, and blessed eyes.
Hurrah! hurrah! true Knights are we
In Labour's lordlier Chivalry.

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