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Роберт Саути (Robert Southey) (1774-1843)
Роберт Саути (Robert Southey)

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  1. Суд Божий над епископомGod's Judgment on a Wicked Bishop
  2. Баллада, в которой описывается, как одна старушка ехала на чёрном коне вдвоём и кто сидел впередиShewing How an Old Woman Rode Double, and Who Rode Before Her
  3. Бленгеймский бойThe Battle of Blenheim
  4. АдельстанRudiger
  5. ДоникаDonica
  6. Жалобы бедняковThe Complaints of the Poor
  7. Мои книгиHis Books
  8. Предостережение хирургаThe Surgeon's Warning
  9. Баллада о том, как королева Мария дала имя своему сынуQueen's Mary Christening
  10. Winter
  11. Ещё одной высокой, важной песниHymn to the Penates
  12. Чистилище Св. ПатрикаSt. Patrick’s Purgatory
  13. Баллада о совете старого Кристоваля и том, почему он дал такой советOld Christoval's Advice, and the Reason Why He Gave It
  14. Испанская армадаThe Spanish Armada
  15. Королева Урака и пять мучениковQueen Orraca and the Five Martyrs of Morocco
  16. Поход на МосквуThe March to Moscow
  17. The Rose
  18. Inchcape Rock
  19. The Cataract of Lodore
  20. Mary
  21. After Blenheim (The Battle of Blenheim)
  22. The Widow
  23. Ariste
  24. Go, Valentine
  25. Henry The Hermit
  26. Lord William
  27. Ode Written on the First of December
  28. To Contemplation
  29. Written on Sunday Morning
  30. Sonnet 1. Go Valentine and Tell That Lovely Maid
  31. The Old Man's Comforts and How He Gained Them
  32. The Cross Roads
  33. To Horror
  34. To a Goose
  35. Ode Written on the First of January
  36. To My Own Minature Picture Taken at Two Years of Age
  37. The Triumph of Woman
  38. The Victory
  39. Sonnet 2. Think Valentine, as Speeding on thy Way
  40. Birth-Day (Ode 1)
  41. The Holly-Tree
  42. Metrical Letter, Written from London
  43. To the Genius of Africa
  44. The Pauper's Funeral
  45. Jaspar
  46. The Well of St. Keyne
  47. Musings on a Landscape of Gaspar Poussin
  48. The Curse of Kehama
  49. Birth-Day (Ode 2)
  50. Hold Your Mad Hands
  51. The Soldier's Wife
  52. The Sailor, Who Had Served in the Slave Trade
  53. The Race of Banquo
  54. High in the Air Exposed
  55. Porlock
  56. To Mary Wollstonecraft
  57. To the Chapel Bell
  58. On the Death of a Favourite Old Spaniel
  59. Brough Bells
  60. Epitaph in Butleigh Church
  61. For a Cavern That Overlooks the River Avon
  62. The Ebb-Tide
  63. The Retrospect
  64. Corston
  65. Lansdown Hill
  66. Epitaph
  67. For a Monument at Oxford
  68. For a Tablet at Silbury Hill
  69. St. Michael’s Chair
  70. Stanzas Written in Lady Lonsdale’s Album, at Lowther Castle
  71. For a Monument at Taunton
  72. For a Column at Newbury
  73. For a Tablet at Penshurst
  74. For a Monument in the New Forest
  75. For a Monument in the Vale of Ewias
  76. King Henry the Fifth and the Hermit of Dreux
  77. St. Bartholomew’s Day
  78. For the Cenotaph at Ermenonville

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