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Томас Парнелл (Thomas Parnell) (1679-1718)
Thomas Parnell (Томас Парнелл)

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  1. Песня (Когда в сиянье, в блеске красоты)Song (When Thy Beauty Appears)
  2. Книжный червьThe Book-Worm
  3. A Hymn for Morning
  4. A Hymn for Evening
  5. As Celia With Her Sparrow Playd
  6. Deborah
  7. Solomon
  8. A Dream
  9. Love in Disguise
  10. A Hymn to Contentment
  11. The Ecstasy
  12. The Hint Fm French
  13. Young Philomela's Powrfull Dart
  14. The Soul In Sorrow
  15. For Philip Ridgate Esq.
  16. When Ore My Temples Balmy Vapours Rise
  17. Chloris Appearing In A Looking Glass
  18. On Ye Plott Against King William
  19. Since Bearing of a Gentle Mind
  20. Martial
  21. The Happy Man
  22. A Beavy of the Fair & Gay
  23. On A Lady With A Foul Breath
  24. The Way To Happiness
  25. A Night-Piece on Death
  26. A Riddle
  27. My Days Have Been So Wondrous Free
  28. On Happiness In This Life
  29. Hark The Thundring Drums Inviting
  30. An Imitation Of Some French Verses
  31. In Biddy's Cheeks Ye Roses Blow
  32. On Content
  33. An Allegory on Man
  34. Jonah
  35. Concerning Resolution
  36. The Convert's Love
  37. On the Death of Mr. Viner
  38. Out Of Greek
  39. The Judgment of Paris
  40. On Dr. Brown's Death
  41. To Mr. Pope
  42. Habakkuk
  43. A Divine Pastorall
  44. Thou Gaudy Idle World Adieu

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