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Mary Wortley Montagu (Мэри Уортли Монтегю) (1689-1762)
Мэри Уортли Монтегю (Mary Wortley Montagu)

  • Biography


  • A Character
  • A Hymn To The Moon
  • A Man in Love
  • An Answer To A Love-Letter, In Verse
  • Answer
  • Between Your Sheets
  • Conclusion Of A Letter To A Friend
  • Constantinople
  • Continuation
  • Epilogue To The Tragedy Of Cato
  • Epistle from Mrs. Yonge to Her Husband
  • Epithalamium
  • Farewell To Bath
  • Irregular Verses To Truth
  • Julia To Ovid
  • Lady Hertford To Lord William Hamilton
  • Lines Written in a Blank Page of Milton's Paradise Lost
  • Melinda's Complaint
  • On The Death Of Mrs. Bowes
  • The Bride In The Country
  • The Court Of Dulness
  • The Fourth Ode Of The First Book Of Horace Imitated
  • The Lady's Resolve
  • The Politicians
  • To The Same
  • Verses Written In A Garden
  • Written At Lovere, 1755

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