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Robert Burns (Роберт Бёрнс)

* * *

GOODE’EN to you, Kimmer,
  And how do ye do?
Hiccup, quo’ Kimmer,
  The better that I’m fou.
    We’re a’ noddin, nid nid noddin,
    We’re a’ noddin at our house at hame.

Kate sits i’ the neuk,
  Suppin’ hen broo;
Deil tak Kate
  An’ she be noddin too!

How’s a’ wi’ you, Kimmer,
  And how do ye fare?
A pint o’ the best o’t,
  And twa pints mair.

How’s a’ wi’ you, Kimmer,
  And how do ye thrive;
How mony bairns hae ye?
  Quo’ Kimmer, I hae five.

Are they a’ Johnny’s?
  Eh! atweel na:
Twa o’ them were gotten
  When Johnny was awa.

Cats like milk,
  And dogs like broo;
Lads like lasses weel,
  And lasses lads too.

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