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Bryan Waller Procter (1787-1874)
   (Bryan Waller Procter)

The Rating of Bryan Waller Procter's Poems

  1. The Song of a Felon's Wife
  2. Serenade
  3. A Song for the Seasons
  4. Song
  5. King Death
  6. For a Fountain
  7. Song for Twilight
  8. Autumn Morning At Cambridge
  9. Life
  10. The Stormy Petrel
  11. A Poets Thought
  12. The Blood Horse
  13. Is My Lover on the Sea
  14. A Petition to Time
  15. Courage
  16. The Poet's Song to His Wife
  17. The Watch
  18. Pre-Existence
  19. The Old Witch in the Copse
  20. The Hunters Song
  21. The New-Born Baby's Song
  22. In France
  23. Sit Down, Sad Soul
  24. Golden-Tressed Adelaide

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