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Poem by Bryan Waller Procter

Song for Twilight

Hide me, O twilight air!
Hide me from thought, from care,
From all things foul or fair,
   Until to-morrow! 
To-night I strive no more; 
No more my soul shall soar: 
Come, sleep, and shut the door
   Gainst pain and sorrow!

If I must see through dreams, 
Be mine Elysian gleams, 
Be mine by morning streams
   To watch and wander;
So may my spirit cast
(Serpent-like) off the past,
And my free soul at last
   Have leave to ponder.

And shouldst thou scape control,
Ponder of love, sweet soul;
On joy, the end and goal
   Of all endeavour: 
But if earth's pains will rise 
(As damps will seek the skies), 
Then, night, seal thou mine eyes,
   In sleep for ever.

Bryan Waller Procter

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