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James Elroy Flecker (1884-1915)
ƒжеймс Ёлрой ‘леккер (James Elroy Flecker)

The Rating of James Elroy Flecker's Poems

  1. To A Poet A Thousand Years Hence
  2. My Friend
  3. The Golden Journey to Samarkand
  4. Stillness
  5. Oxford Canal
  6. Ideal
  7. The Bridge of Fire
  8. Hassan's Serenade
  9. The Welsh Sea
  10. Lord Arnaldos
  11. The Parrot
  12. A Ship, An Isle, A Sickle Moon
  13. The Old Ships
  14. Envoy
  15. A New Year's Carol
  16. Brumana
  17. Prayer
  18. Don Juan in Hell
  19. Pavlovna in London
  20. Yasmin
  21. Narcissus
  22. Pillage
  23. The Sentimentalist
  24. Felo De Se
  25. The Queen's Song
  26. The Town Without A Market
  27. We That Were Friends
  28. The Dying Patriot
  29. Ballad of the Londoner
  30. A Western Voyage
  31. I Rose From Dreamless Hours
  32. From Grenoble
  33. Sirmio
  34. Rioupéroux
  35. The Ballad Of The Student In The South
  36. Fountains
  37. The Ballad of Hampstead Heath
  38. Mignon
  39. The First Sonnet of Bathrolaire
  40. The Second Sonnet of Bathrolaire
  41. November Eves

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