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Aubrey Thomas De Vere (1814-1902)
Aubrey Thomas De Vere

The Rating of Aubrey Thomas De Vere's Poems

  1. To Wordsworth, on Visiting the Duddon
  2. Song
  3. At the Tomb of King Arthur
  4. To Furness Abbey
  5. Nemesis
  6. Love's Spite
  7. Early Friendship
  8. The Three Woes
  9. Roisin Dubh; Or, the Bleeding Heart
  10. The Legends
  11. The Dirge of Athunree
  12. Composed at Rydal, September, 1860
  13. A Ballad of Athlone; Or, How They Broke down the Bridge
  14. To a Flower on the Skirts of Mont Blanc
  15. Kinsale

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