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Poem by Aubrey Thomas De Vere

Composed at Rydal, September, 1860

THE LAST great man by manlier times bequeathed
To these our noisy and self-boasting days
In this green valley rested, trod these ways,
With deep calm breast this air inspiring breathed;
True bard, because true man, his brow he wreathed
With wild-flowers only, singing Natures praise;
But Nature turned, and crowned him with her bays,
And said, Be thou my Laureate. Wisdom sheathed
In song love-humble; contemplations high,
That built like larks their nests upon the ground;
Insight and vision; sympathies profound
That spanned the total of humanity,
These were the gifts which God poured forth at large
On men through him; and he was faithful to his charge.

Aubrey Thomas De Vere

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