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William Hamilton Reid (1760?-1826)

The Rating of William Hamilton Reid's Poems

  1. Monody on the Death of Robert Burns
  2. Ode to Autumn
  3. An Elegy to the Memory of Mr. Robert Burns, the Celebrated Scots Poet
  4. Morning. Noon. Evening. Night
  5. An Elegy on the Unknown Author of the Ancient Ballad of Chevy Chace
  6. Sonnet to Poesy
  7. Invocation to Fancy
  8. Stanzas on Happiness
  9. The Tomb of Shere, an Oriental Elegy
  10. Invocation to Melancholy
  11. Elegy, supposed to be written on a Waste near the Charter-house, London
  12. Ode to Reflexion

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