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Christopher Morley (1890-1957)
Christopher Morley

The Rating of Christopher Morley's Poems

  1. To a —hild
  2. The Moon-Sheep
  3. Do You Ever Feel Like God?
  4. A Charm
  5. To the Little House
  6. Our House
  7. Reading Aloud
  8. In Honour of Taffy Topaz
  9. The Milkman
  10. The Old Swimmer
  11. Six Weeks Old
  12. Two O'Clock
  13. The Young Mother
  14. Secret Laughter
  15. Peter Pan
  16. The 5:42
  17. The Cedar Chest
  18. Bayberry Candles
  19. Mar Quong, Chinese Laundryman
  20. Light Verse
  21. O Praise Me Not the Country
  22. The Wakeful Husband
  23. Full Moon
  24. Animal Crackers

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