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Poem by Christopher Morley

The 5:42

Lilac, violet, and rose
Ardently the city glows;
Sunset glory, purely sweet,
Gilds the dreaming byway-street,
And, above the Avenue,
Winter dusk is deepening blue.

        (Then, across Long Island meadows,
        Darker, darker, grow the shadows:
        Patience, little waiting lass!
        Laggard minutes slowly pass;
        Patience, laughs the yellow fire:
        Homeward bound is heart's desire!)

Hark, adown the canyon street
Flows the merry tide of feet;
High the golden buildings loom
Blazing in the purple gloom;
All the town is set with stars,
Homeward chant the Broadway cars!

        All down Thirty-second Street
        Homeward, Homeward, say the feet!
        Tramping men, uncouth to view,
        Footsore, weary, thrill anew;
        Gone the ringing telephones,
        Blessed nightfall now atones.
        Casting brightness on the snow
        Golden the train windows go.

Then (how long it seems) at last
All the way is overpast.
Heart that beats your muffled drum,
Lo, your venturer is come!
Wide the door! Leap high, O fire!
Home at length is heart's desire!
Gone is weariness and fret,
At the sill warm lips are met.
Once again may be renewed
The conjoined beatitude.

Christopher Morley

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