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Ebenezer Elliott (1781-1849)
Ebenezer Elliott (Ёбенизер Ёллиотт)

The Rating of Ebenezer Elliott's Poems

  1. The People's Anthem
  2. In These Days
  3. Plaint
  4. The Builders
  5. To the Bramble Flower
  6. Lines
  7. Battle Song
  8. Walkley
  9. FountainТs Abbey
  10. Preston Mills
  11. Ribbledin; or, the Christening
  12. Cloudless Stanage
  13. The Tree of Rivilin
  14. The Maltby Yews
  15. Plumpton
  16. Roch Abbey
  17. Don and Rother
  18. Win-Hill

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