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Poem by Ebenezer Elliott

The People's Anthem

WHEN wilt Thou save the people?
    O God of mercy! when? 
Not kings and lords, but nations!
    Not thrones and crowns, but men! 
Flowers of Thy heart, O God, are they!
Let them not pass, like weeds, away!
Their heritage a sunless day!
           God save the people!

Shall crime bring crime for ever,
    Strength aiding still the strong? 
Is it Thy will, O Father!
    That man shall toil for wrong? 
"No!" say Thy mountains; "No!" Thy skies;
"Man's clouded sun shall brightly rise,
And songs be heard instead of sighs."
           God save the people!

When whilt thou save the people?
    O God of mercy! when? 
The people, Lord! the people!
    Not thrones and crowns, but men! 
God save the people! Thine they are;
Thy children, as Thy angels fair;
Save them from bondage and despair!
           God save the people! 

Ebenezer Elliott

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