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Thomas Chatterton (1752-1770)
Thomas Chatterton

The Rating of Thomas Chatterton's Poems

  1. February
  2. Picture of Autumn
  3. A Hymn for Christmas Day
  4. The Storie of William Canynge
  5. Bristowe Tragedie: Or The Dethe Of Syr Charles Badwin
  6. Song from Aella
  7. A New Song
  8. The Advice
  9. The Gouler's Requiem
  10. Onn John a Dalbenie
  11. On Happienesse
  12. Elinoure and Juga
  13. Elegy on the Death of Mr. Phillips
  14. The Resignation
  15. The Romance of the Knight
  16. Sly Dick
  17. On the Last Epiphany (Or Christ Coming to Judgment)
  18. On the Same (Oure Ladies Chyrche)
  19. The Methodist
  20. Eclogue the First
  21. Eclogue the Second
  22. The Death of Nicou
  23. Songe to Aella, Lorde of the Castel of Brystowe Ynne Daies of Yore
  24. Englysh Metamorphosis
  25. Heccar and Gaira
  26. The Accounte of W. Canynges Feast
  27. Eclogue the Third
  28. Apostate Will
  29. An Excelente Balade of Charitie: As Wroten bie the Gode Pri
  30. Onn Oure Ladies Chyrche
  31. Narva and Mored
  32. The Copernican System
  33. Epitaph on Robert Canynge
  34. The Churchwarden and The Apparition
  35. Colin Instructed
  36. Chorus from Goddwyn

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