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Thomas MacDonagh (1878-1916)
Thomas MacDonagh (Томас Макдона)

The Rating of Thomas MacDonagh's Poems

  1. May Day
  2. Snow At Morning
  3. A Dream Of Hell
  4. At The End
  5. The Coming-In Of Summer
  6. In Paris
  7. Within The Temple
  8. The Stars
  9. My Poet
  10. After A Year
  11. In Absence
  12. In Fever
  13. Our Story
  14. The Night Hunt
  15. O Bursting Bud of Joy
  16. The Man Upright
  17. Death in the Woods
  18. Grange House Lodge
  19. The Philistine
  20. To Eoghan
  21. Requies
  22. Offering
  23. Inscription on a Ruin
  24. The Seasons And The Leaves
  25. My Love To-night
  26. A Season Of Repose
  27. Uber Allen Gipfellen Ist Ruh

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