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Poem by Philip Sidney

Sonnet 87. When I was Forced from Stella, ever Dear

When I was forced from Stella, ever dear,
Stella, food of my thoughts, heart of my heart,
Stella, whose eyes make all my tempests clear,
By iron laws of duty to depart;

Alas, I found that she with me did smart,
I saw that tears did in her eyes appear;
I saw that sighs her sweetest lips did part,
And her sad words my saddened sense did hear.

For me, I wept, to see pearls scattered so;
I sighed her sighs, and wailed for her woe;
Yet swam in joy, such love in her was seen.

Thus, while thТeffect most bitter was to me,
And nothing than the cause more sweet could be,
I had been vexed, if vexed I had not been.

Philip Sidney

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