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Poem by Robert Burns

The Cooper O Cuddle

THE cooper o Cuddie cam here awa,
And cad the girrs out owre us a-
And our gude-wife has gotten a ca
  That angerd the silly gude-man, O.

  Well hide the cooper behind the door,
  Behind the door, behind the door;
  Well hide the cooper behind the door,
    And cover him under a mawn, O.

He sought them outs he sought them in,
Wi, Deil hae her! and, Deil hae him!
But the body he was sae doited and blin,
  He wist na where he was gaun, O.

They cooperd at een, they cooperd at morn.
Till our gude-man has gotten the scorn;
On ilka brow shes planted a born,
  And swears that they shall stan, O.

                      Robert Burns

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