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Poem by Robert Burns

By Allan Stream

By Allan stream I chanced to rove,
  While Phoebus sank behind Benledi;
The winds were whispering thro the grove,
  The yellow corn was waving ready:
I listend to a lovers sang,
  And thought on youthfu pleasures mony;
And aye the wildwood echoes rang-
  O, dearly do I love thee, Annie!

O, happy be the woodbine bower,
  Nae nightly bogle mak it eerie;
Nor ever sorrow stain the hour,
  The place and time I met my dearie!
Her head upon my throbbing breast,
  She, sinking, said Im thine for ever!
While mony a kiss the seal imprest,
  The sacred vow, we neer should sever.

The haunt o springs the primrose brae,
  The simmer joys the flocks to follow;
How cheery thro her shortening day
  Is autumn, in her weeds o yellow!
But can they melt the glowing heart,
  Or chain the soul in speechless pleasure,
Or thro each nerve the rapture dart,
  Like meeting her, our bosoms treasure?

                      Robert Burns

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