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Poem by Robert Burns

* * *

HUSBAND, husband, cease your strife,
  Nor longer idly rave, sir;
Tho I am your wedded wife,
  Yet I am not your slave, sir.

One of two must still obey,
  Nancy, Nancy;
Is it man or woman, say,
  My spouse Nancy?

If tis still the lordly word,
  Service and obedience;
Ill desert my sovreign lord,
  And so good-bye allegiance!

Sad shall I be, so bereft,
  Nancy, Nancy!
Yet Ill try to make a shift,
   My spouse Nancy.

My poor heart then break it must,
  My last hour Im near it:
When you lay me in the dust,
  Think how you will bear it.

I will hope and trust in Heaven,
  Nancy, Nancy;
Strength to bear it will be given,
  My spouse Nancy.

Well, sir, from the silent dead
  Still Ill try to daunt you;
Ever round your midnight bed
  Horrid sprites shall haunt you.

Ill wed another, like my dear
  Nancy, Nancy;
Then all hell will fly for fear,
  My spouse Nancy.

Robert Burns

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