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Poem by Robert Burns

* * *

O WHA is she that loes me,
  And has my heart a-keeping?
O sweet is she that loes me,
  As dews o simmer weeping,
  In tears the rose-buds steeping.

    O thats the lassie o my heart,
      My lassie ever dearer;
    O thats the queen o womankind.
      And neer a ane to peer her.

If thou shalt meet a lassie,
  In grace and beauty charming,
That een thy chosen lassie,
  Erewhile thy breast sae warming,
  Had neer sic powers alarming;

If thou hadat heard her talking
  And thy attentions plighted,
That ilka body talking,
  But her by thee is slighted,
  And thou art all delighted;

If thou hast met this fair one;
  When frae her thou hast parted,
If every other fair one,
  But her, thou hast deserted,
  And thou art broken-hearted;

    O thats the lassie, &c.

Robert Burns

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