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Poem by Robert Burns

* * *

O, WERE I on Parnassus hill,
Or had of Helicon my fill!
That I might catch poetic skill,
  To sing how dear I love thee.
But Nith maun be my Muses well,
My Muse maun be thy bonnie sel;
On Corsincon Ill glowr and spell,
  And write how dear I love thee.

Then come, sweet Muse, inspire my lay!
For a the lee-lang simmers day,
I could na sing, I could na say,
  How much, how dear, I love thee.
I see thee dancing oer the green,
Thy waist sae jimp, thy limbs sae clean.
Thy tempting looks, thy roguish een-
  By Heaven and earth I love thee!

By night, by day, a-field, at hame,
The thoughts o thee my breast inflame
And aye I muse and sing thy name-
  I only live to love thee.
Tho I were doomd to wander on,
Beyond the sea, beyond the sun,
Till my last weary sand was run;
  Till then-and then Id love thee.

                      Robert Burns

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