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Poem by Robert Burns

Verses to J. Rankine

AE day, as Death, that grusome carl,
Was driving to the tither warl
A mixtie-maxtie motley squad,
And mony a guilt-bespotted lad;
Black gowns of each denomination,
And thieves of every rank and station,
From him that wears the star and garter,
To him that wintles in a halter;
Ashamd himsel to see the wretches,
He mutters, glowrin at the bitches,
By God! Ill not be seen behint them,
Nor mang the spritual core present them,
Without at least ae honest man
To grace this damnd infernal clan.
By Adamhiil a glance he threw,
Lord God! quoth he, I have it now,
Theres just the man I want, i faith!
And quickly stoppit Rankines breath.

Robert Burns

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